Average used car prices rising in Murcia

used car price rise graph

Murcia electric car sales plummet

The latest figures published by coches.net show that the average price paid for second-hand cars in Spain during April was 11,281 euros, representing an increase of 0.8% on March. In the Region of Murcia, meanwhile, although the average price is slightly lower at 10,877 euros the increase from the month before was far larger at 2.5%, and this means that over the last twelve months theamount of the average purchase in the Region has risen by an impressive 8.5%.

73% of the second-hand vehicles sold were manual diesel models, while over a third fell into the under-5,000€ price bracket. Throughout the whole country in April only 51 electric cars and 713 hybrid models were sold, and the Region of Murcia’s contribution to these meagre totals consisted of just twelve hybrids and one electric car.

There has been an interesting situation in the last few months that there has actually been a shortage of good second hand cars as consumers are holding on totheir new card for longer rather than trading them in due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the economic crisis.

This has, in turn, helped to push up the prices of second hand vehicles.

Information provided by Murcia Today