Spain's draconian new driving laws

Spains draconian new driving laws which mean you´ll be fined £400 for going JUST 1km per hour above speed limit





Article summary

  • travel Lawyer warns motorists they'll be fined up to £488 for speeding offences
  • Driving just 1km/hour over the limit will lead to a fine over £400
  • Fines of up to £5000 will incur if a speed camera is installed in the car

Spain's tough new driving laws could see British holidaymakers being fined £407 Euros for going just 1km/hour above the speed limit, a leading UK traffic lawyer has warned. In addition to heavy fines – which will rise to a £488 for serious speeding offenses - Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said drivers could soon face the prospect of having their licences endorsed with penalty points.

Another crucial element is that if the Spanish police witness a motoring offense, their record of the registration number will provide sufficient evidence to prosecute. They are not required to stop the vehicle. Mr Freeman also said that under a soon-to-be-introduced EU Directive, driving offenses committed in one EU country are to be reported to the EU country of registration of the vehicle in question.

UK holiday makers driving in Spain need to be made aware of these new laws and exercise the utmost caution. In this country police use the ACPO guidelines which allow a ten per cent plus two degree of tolerance. Unfortunately this generosity does not extend to the Spanish police.

Whilst some motorway speeds are being increased from 120km/hour to 130km/hour, the speeds on some urban roads are being reduced to just 20km/hour. Any drivers caught exceeding the speed limit will find themselves severely out of pocket and will face the possibility of soon to be introduced penalty points.

Other laws include fines of up to if a radar inhibitor/speed camera detector of any sort is installed in the car a fine if the national police authority is not notified of who was driving a car at the time of an offense and a minimum fine of £814 for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.