Sun Damage Cars

Summer comes and also, the high temperatures, trips to the beach and lots of sun … And more if we consider, that we are in Spain. A country, where good weather is one of its main advantages. Undoubtedly, this time is an enemy for our car, since it is usually not prepared to support all these factors at the same time …

It is demonstrated that direct exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays, sea breeze and high temperatures for long hours, cause premature aging of the car and damage to bodywork, varnish and paint.

Engine specialists agree that the first damaging weather for all cars is the sun. Since, once the varnish weakens, it loses its strength and density. Bringing as a consequence, the exposure of the outermost layer of paint, the loss of the original color and protection.

This damage is easy to observe, in some cars that have a worn effect on the exterior . Wich it may be more noticeable, in those brightly colored vehicles such as blues, reds, yellows and greens. In other colors such as white or gray, the effect of the sun is not so evident in the pigmentation, but in the brightness of the painting, since the prolonged exposures what it brings is the effect of progressive hue.

Another important factor to take into account at this time, are the high temperatures. It is proven, that they are maximized both inside and outside the car. A couple of years ago, a study carried out by the Real Automóvil Club de Catalunya (RACC) and the Automobile Club Suizo (TCS), showed that a car parked outside for hours in the sun can raise temperatures of 80ºC on the exterior and about 72ºC inside.

And last but not least we have the combination of the breeze, the sea and the beach. A great danger for internal elements of the car, the engine and the body. As they progressively deteriorate the car and causing serious damage to the paint.

It is for all this, that in this time where surely your car must be parked for long hours, either for work, travel or holidays … We advise you, have it well protected. If possible, always parked in a covered garage in shaded areas or interior areas. This way, you can be sure that both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, will be protected from all these atmospheric phenomena.