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After a long period of discussion and negotiation, it is anticipated that the maximum speed limit on some of Spain´s motorways will eventually increase to 130 kilometres per hour, but the DGT has now revealed more details about the future changes.  Once the law passes its final stage it will be published in the official gazette, entering into force three months later. Therefore, it is expected that at some point in the summer some of the roads identified as being appropriate for... + read more
The European Commission has spent £2.4 million on Project Veronica, a study on how the boxes would work. The boxes, known as an Event Data Recorders (EDR), could monitor vehicles' speed and the actions of the driver - when and how often the brakes, indicators and horn were applied. Supporters say they could be used to reconstruct what happened in the event of a commission which would make it easier for insurance companies to decide who was at fault and, where necessary,... + read more
While its predecessor, the X-type, was based on the Ford Mondeo, the Jaguar XE is an all-new car
The XE is a rival to the big-selling 3-series and has been developed at huge cost, so it's the car that will turn Jaguar into a major player or break the company. Andrew Frankel gives his verdict While its predecessor, the X-type, was based on the Ford Mondeo, the Jaguar XE is an all-new car The question was simple, the answer unexpected. Did this allegedly all-new Jaguar XE share any componentry with the old, unloved and unlovely X-type it is... + read more
Keep it they are now very rare
I hear that I won’t need to display a tax disc on my car in the future, is that true? Yes, from October 1, 2014 paper tax discs will no longer be issued. If my car doesn’t have a tax disc, how will the authorities know that I have paid? Your tax details will be registered with the DVLA so they will be aware which cars are taxed correctly. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) devices will be around to catch out any cars that aren’t taxed appropriately. Does this... + read more
Bugatti Veyron
Dubai adds a Veyron to its super fleet. What does your local police officer drive? Ford Crown Victorias? Dodge Chargers? If you live in Dubai then there's a good chance that they'll be driving a Bugatti Veyron, a $1.6 million car with a top speed of 267 mph and the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. In a city known for its luxury and wealth this vehicle is just the latest addition to the Dubai police force's "super fleet." Used to break down the barrier... + read more


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